Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Work Week

Here are some photos. Okay, not yet, but they will be coming soon, whenever I get a little more familiarity with Iphoto and the apple way of doing things, I will be ready for you.

The adjustment to Chicago life is made a lot easier because I have the same job, so at least there is something very familiar 5 days a week for 9-10 hours. I have only worked two days, but I like the people a lot and I enjoy the store. I actually went out last night with two co-workers to watch the OSU v. Florida game at a pub in Irving Park. It was fun. I close the next three days and I am off on Saturday!

The one thing I cannot get used to is the "prime time" because everything starts an hour earlier. I like it because my favorite programs used to start at 9 or 10pm, now it is 8 or 9, so I can go to bed earlier. I also like having 10 oclock news. I do however always feel like i am running an hour late, which I didn't think it would take this long to adjust but oh well. Next door to the little coffee shop is a subway, I have been abusing the $2.49 lunch speacial. I had a tuna sub on Saturday, if you know me, you know that is kinda shocking considering I haven't eaten tuna since I was a kid. I am broadening my horizons further and putting some green crap on top of the sandwich, along with vinegar and oil. Growing up changes what you'll order, but for my money there is still nothing better than turkey on white with american cheese and lots of brown mustard.... no decorations needed on that little gem.

I am trying to hold off on buying cable and internet for the apartment, besides being an extra $100, I have to go 2 blocks to the coffee shop to get internet access, but it makes me walk and get some exercise, also, I can meet and be around other people instead of couped up, It was 28 degrees today when I walked over here and who knows how cold when I leave, so that part kind of sucks. The good news is that it might snow this weekend, kinda why I moved here!

Thanks to everyone who called me and gave me encouragement the last few days!

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Anonymous said...

Do you need me to come organize your closet? I still fold shirts in the Gap style you taught me when you moved in high school :)