Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Restaurant Review

I have never done a restaurant review on my blog before, but you know, there is a first time for everything.  

Tonight we ate at Bert & Gerts Bar B Q and More in Huntersville.  It is on the Harris Blvd. exit next to Northern Tools.  The atmosphere was very modern, a nice escape from the typical wood paneled walls and nascar decor that is synonymous with local BBQ joints.  On a big screen, they had a replay of a live INXS concert playing.  On the same wall there were records framed, the owner is clearly a music lover.  Over the speakers in a subtle volume were hits from the 80's.

The owner greeted us at the counter and struck up a conversation while we made up our minds.  He is a music expert as we went toe to toe with trivia.  He won.  Amanda got a BBQ sandwich and I got the pulled pork plate.  

BBQ- B: not the best I have ever had but very good
Sauce- B: Sweet & Tangy is good, the hot needs more fire.
Sides- A: we got mac & cheese, it is not creamy, it is really mac & cheese
Amanda got the fried okra, that was her favorite, she loved the corn casserole as well
I got the baked beans, they were serviceable but the least favorite of the ordered sides

Overall, the place gets a boost from the atmosphere and rates out as an A-.  It is the best BBQ I have found in the immediate area.  Bridges in Shelby is the best I have ever tasted and is the benchmark by which all joints are rated.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 12 Results

Starting Weight: 284lbs

Today's Weight: 253lbs

This Week's Loss: -1lbs

Total Weight Loss: 31lbs

Remainder to Lose: 33lbs

I cannot seem to get over this hump.  Exercise is my only choice but damn, I hate it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

WINI Cooper Gets Married, okay, Winnie

Very sad day for me :-(

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charlotte Beats #5 UNC-CH!!!

Charlotte Baseball Holds No. 5 North Carolina to Three Hits in 2-1 Road Win

Rivers Belts Two Homers to Lead Niners to First Win in Chapel Hill in 21 Years

March 25, 2009

Box Score

Chapel Hill, N.C. - Following a four-hit shutout at Winthrop Tuesday night, the Charlotte 49ers pitching staff held No. 5 North Carolina to just three hits and sophomore first baseman Ryan Rivers (Baltimore, Md. / Eastern Technical HS) belted two towering home runs for all of the offense needed for the 2-1 win at Boshamer Stadium in Chapel Hill Wednesday evening in college baseball action.

Charlotte is 14-6, winning the last three road games, dropping North Carolina to 18-5.

The two teams started the game nearly 90 minutes earlier than originally scheduled due to rains coming into the area. The game was played in a constant drizzle.

It was the first win for Charlotte in Chapel Hill since April 20, 1988, but the second road victory in two seasons for Charlotte at a top-five opponent after winning 11-2 on March 5 at No. 3 South Carolina last season.

Junior transfer Patrick Lawson (Hilton Head, S.C.) held the Tar Heels to three hits in 5.1 innings pitched, giving up just a solo home run to pinch hitter Tarron Robinson to lead off the sixth inning. Lawson struck out seven and gave up one walk in 90 pitches for his second win of the season (2-1).

Rivers' two homers came in his first two at bats, in the second and fourth innings. It was the first time a Niner hit two home runs in a game since Chris Taylor blasted two out at Massachusetts last April 18.

Rivers leads Charlotte with seven home runs, 21 RBI and a .721 slugging percentage.

Reliever Jason Cunningham (Decatur, Ga.) relieved Lawson in the sixth, giving up a walk and hitting a batter to load the bases, but induced a groundout to first by cleanup hitter Kyle Seager to end the inning.

Closer Sam Pierce (Davidson, N.C. / North Mecklenburg HS) came in to pitch the final three innings for his third save of the season. He held the Tar Heels hitless in those three innings, striking out two and walking one.

Charlotte had six hits in the contest, with Rivers and outfielder Alan Parks (Cornelius, N.C. / North Mecklenburg HS) the only players in the game to collect two hits.

The Niners continue the road trip this weekend with an Atlantic 10 Conference series at Dayton. First pitch Friday is scheduled for 3 p.m. against the Flyers.

Funny Blurb

This made me laugh today.  While driving home with Amanda we heard "Dead & Gone" by T.I. and Justin Timberlake.  Amanda said today that she was humming that song today in class and a couple kids caught on and began to sing along with her.  One then let her know that they all thought she listened to country music only, because she is white.  Amanda was greatly offended letting them know, with a smile, that she indeed listened to some of the same music that they do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 11 (lack of) Results

Starting Weight: 284lbs

Today's Weight: 254lbs

This Week's Loss: +1lbs

Total Weight Loss: 30lbs

Remainder to Lose: 34lbs

Saturday, March 21, 2009

God I love the NCAA tourney!!!  I love it when the ACC fails, I love that the A-10 has two teams in the next round.  I am really hoping that Xavier and Dayton can do some damage.  I am really hoping that UNC-CH will fall flat so I have something to talk about locally without having to mention how horrible my Charlotte 49ers are.  I love the upsets baby!!!  Sienna, Dayton, Cleveland State, Wisconsin, Western Ky, and all the Giant Killers.  

I am off this weekend.  I am going to hang out with the MINI club tomorrow morning then helping a co-worker who is moving into my neighborhood unload some stuff.  I don't know what Amanda and I have planned for Saturday night but give us a call!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Week 10 Results

Starting Weight: 284lbs

Today's Weight: 253lbs

This Week's Loss: -2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 31lbs

Remainder to Lose: 33lbs

Friday, March 13, 2009

Its the most... wonderful time.... of the year

I think Andy Williams wrote that song about Championship Week in College Basketball.

Even thought my Niners suck, the misery is over and I can enjoy all the other conference tournaments.  So much fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Palin can't stay out of the news.

Even while being the governor of a state no one really cares about, Sarah Palin will do anything to stay in the news.  

As her popularity is swiftly fading into the shadow of the economy, the mortgage crisis, and the multitude of problems she was completely unqualified to handle, Sarah Palin uses her daughter Bristol's personal life to stay in the news.  Apparently they released a statement today that her daughter's engagement is now off and that the couple has split up.  I do not know anyone who believed that they were getting married for any reason other than to help Gov. Palin become the VP.  

The guy has released a statement to A.P. that the engagement has been off for "a while."  

Why muddle in your daughter's life just to keep your name in the headlines... pathetic.

News & Notes

1.  I am so happy that President Obama has lifted the ban on embryonic stem cell research!  I think this may have been the dumbest thing President Bush did during his terms.  I know that says a lot, he killed a lot people in Iraq and elsewhere, but if a cure for many diseases is found from this research, he has 8 years of deaths on his watch as well.  GoBama!

2. Thank God the weather is about to turn colder, I am sick of this warm crap, it is March!

3.  CMS has announced that they are going to lay off a bunch of teacher, most are underperforming teachers and they are not really looking at the non-tenured, yet.  I know Amanda has no intentions to return to her school but she is looking to teach elsewhere next year.  I was just freaking out for a while about her getting laid off.  We are both still worried about the future, but who knows what that will bring.

4. Dhara got promoted this week, I am so happy and proud of her.  I think if you get promoted in this economy, that says a ton about what your company thinks of you.

5. Speaking of companies, our stock is up over 10 bucks for the first time in about 6 months.  Maybe we are slightly out of the woods.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Week 9 Results

Starting Weight: 284lbs

Today's Weight: 255lbs

This Week's Loss: -3lbs

Total Weight Loss: 29lbs

Remainder to Lose: 35lbs

Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthday Blog Post

So I am not going to talk about a diet tonight, not only a reccomendation made by my beloved Dhara, but because we are all sick of it.  I certainly did not abide by anything today!  

I am more well connected to the world through the world wide web.  I use facebook, blogger, twitter, linked in, and even though I have dropped my myspace account, I am very networked.  This was very evident to me today.  I got over 80 electronic Happy Birthday messages.  A few from overseas, representing eleven states in the United States, and from friends, family, and people who have never met me in person.  It was pretty cool.  I was on the phone almost all day, I got 22 text messages and 19 phone calls.  I am so sorry I didn't return every call or text, but I did work.  

I am not posting this because I want to show how popular I am, I just feel lucky to be loved like that.  I worry sometimes that I am too exposed on the web, there is too much information about me and my life available for the whole world to see.  I do like the no secrets part though, I rarely have to remember a lie I have told, it is a daunting task to lie to hundreds of people at the same time.  You read about people be stalked because of their profile and it makes me worry a bit, but I would also be quite honored to have a stalker.  I would never press charges, I would feel so bad for you that your life has reached a level of boredom where even I seem interesting.  I am linked with my boss, my boss's boss, and my boss's boss's boss.  I have to watch what I say on what venue to protect my professional image.  That is where I think I, and you, run the biggest risk.  I also know people who have been hired of linked in and facebook, so the cost-benefit analysis has to be made before deciding what to do.

I just want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes in whatever form!  This was a good time to feel an out pouring of love.  Be well, drive safely tomorrow!
Ha!  Even Jesus couldn't get snow on his birthday in Charlotte.  I guess the Queen is trying to endear herself to my heart to keep me from missing Chicago. 

Week 8 Results

Starting Weight: 284lbs

Today's Weight: 258lbs

This Week's Loss: +1lbs

Total Weight Loss: 26lbs

Remainder to Lose: 38lbs

Even the best tires loose traction at time... oh well, I will get that scale next week.