Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New House Photos

Our house @ sunset! The front yard and plants were done today.

The view of our foyer taken from upstairs. Just an angle you have not seen yet.

Mom checking out the baby's new house 11 days before closing.

WINI enjoying her new driveway, she has yet to pull into her new house yet,
waiting until we own it first.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Housing Update

Some new grainy images from my camera phone for your enjoyment. These were taken last Wednesday. I need to get out there with a real camera, my phone cannot take a photo of the outside. You will see in about (look to countdown ticker to your right) days the end result anyway, who cares.

His and His closets... where will Amanda put her stuff?

Well, there is one place in the house that is Amanda's, this is it.

The stove is on the right now, we still need to buy the refrigirator.

You can see the living room from the kitchen, this is a good shot of what the cabinets and countertops look like.

WINI turns 40 (k)

I know I am a total tool for posting this... but I am sad.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Amanda, poor girl, has proven her high threshold for pain by staying married to me for one year. A lot has changed since then:

  • The economy was strong even thought he houseing market was slowing down.
  • The thought of having a black president was still a distant one, it was going to be Hillary facing Rudy.
  • We were living in the Chi, never thought of moving back
  • It was really warm in Charlotte that day
  • Sergeant Libro was still alive and teaching students
  • UNCC was no closer to football than they had ever been
  • The Patriots were undefeated

I am sure I am missing a million things since then. My first year of marraige has been wonderful, I forecast no changes for that in the future.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny comments from Countdown

"Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader."

Q: Finally governor we've been trying to engage some local grade schoolers for the last few elections. We do a feature called 'questions from the third grade.' Brandon Garcia wants to know, "What does the Vice President do?"

(Palin)"Aw, that's something that Piper would ask me, as a second grader, also. That's a great question, Brandon, and a Vice President has a really great job, because not only are they there to support the President agenda, they're like a team member, the team mate to that President. But also, they're in charge of the United States Senate, so if they want to they can really get in there with the Senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom. And it's a great job and I look forward to having that job. "

(Olberman) Oh! I'm so sorry, Governor!

The correct answer can be found in the Constitution of the United States...
Article One, Section Three: "The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided."

So, the Vice President is not in charge of Jack, Governor, let alone in charge of the Senate.

And you are not smarter than a Third Grader.

Monday, October 20, 2008

House Update

Sorry I have been absent from Blogger. I will write more later but just wanted to pass on the good news that we will be doing our final walkthrough on November 5th and CLOSING IS NOVEMBER 10TH!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

House Update

Here are some photos of the work done on our house.  They have painted, put all the trim up, the front porch posts and roof are up, they have trimmed out the windows and fireplace, hung up all the doors.  So much work has been done, here is a guy laying hardwood floors in our foyer and dining room.
This is the view of our bathroom from the bedroom
This is the other side looking at our shower and tub, there will be a glass wall there
Below you will see our kitchen cabinets hung with care.
We are tentatively scheduled for our final walk through on the first week of November, closing would be about 2-5 days after that. 

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


  • Barack Obama looked like a President, McCain looked like W with the laughing, wandering around aimlessly, I wonder if he can correct that.  No one wants a statesman like W.
  • You can see Barack channeling Bill Clinton circa 1992 (that is a good thing btw)
  • It took McCain 75 minutes to say "we don't need a President that needs on the job training."
  • Why did McCain bring up Herbert Hoover, he was negative & old, he was the only person in the room that was alive in Hoover's day
Just thought I would post some of these immediate responses.

Debate Observation

Here is what I am yelling at the TV, since everyone is in bed, I typed them instead of yelling.  

"The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one."  

BO... HA, 

JM, stop talking about taxes, you are in favor of Bush tax cuts for wealthy people, just admit it and hope that your 5% of wealthy friends will help you retire even better.  

BO- I know it is difficult, but don't look so damn smug when McCain lies again... you will only have smug still shots if you grin every time he fibs.

JM- I agree, nuclear power rocks

BO- I agree, I we cannot drill our way out of the problem.  Rudy is retarded.  Thank you for bringing up China's new coal plants, that hurts the west coast's environment.

JM- I know you are old, but you need to concentrate on the question and answer them in less than 20 minutes.  When did Barack become the direct one and you become the rhetoric spewer?

BO- I love that you have a plan that works.  I am interested to know if anyone calls themselves a one-issue voter on healthcare AND will vote for McCain... I want to meet you and pick your brain on how you think this privatization is acceptable.

JM- You repeated Barack's line on reducing medical errors.  YOUR HEALTHCARE PLAN SUCKS!!!  The open market will not work for the lower middle class and will not provide equal access, a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT.   Equal access to healthcare is a right, free healthcare is not, but access is!

BO- Thank you... healthcare is the right of every American!  We need to crack down on insurance companies.... 

JM- You looked childish when you asked about "did we hear the size of the fine?"  You are supposed to be my representative in the world arena, will you talk to the leaders of countries like that.  

BO- Please point out that JM is on the loosing end of the judgement argument, he should stop bringing it up.  Nice job.... hit him hard... liberators ha!!!!  You lost me on the Obama doctrine?

JM- McCain Doctrine... still not your friend, you called me that again and that is disrespectful!  Talk about your policy, not Baracks... or is it... that just maybe... he is the only one with a policy so all you have is the opportunity to beat down his... get creative GOP, its called a platform, build one and stand on it.  Note: Quit changing the direction the platform faces.

BO- I am happy you linked the Pakistan problem to the Bush/McCain foreign policy.  Be tough on Pakistan.... okay, that was the Diet Coke of tough.... nevermind... kill Bin Laden and crush A.Q. 

JM- Is your hero Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan?  You have said both are your biggest hero.  Oh, you accidentally admitted Barack was right, you may want to fix that.  I am okay with your policy on that.  Big kid, you want the follow up too... wah wah!!!

BO- Wow, you just fought with McCain head on. I liked you calling him out on the speaking softly, you cannot be a quiet maverick.  That is like being a fat skinny chick.  Wow that was brief.

JM- That was not brief, but you did say that "it is the same strategy."  The surge did not really work, you put a wad of gum in a leak in the Hoover Dam, how long will that hold?  I do agree with you that we have to support Georgia and the Ukraine.  We still however need to punish Georgia for starting it.

BO- Thank you, we do need to help Georgia's economy.  Thank you for talking about looking ahead.  Both of you talk about putting out statements... neither of you did shit about the Russian invasion.  

JM- I liked your answer best on "is Russia an evil empire."
Why wouldn't you seek permission from the UN, or at least try diplomacy?  Answer the question... would you help Isreal?  I am still not your friend.

BO- You better answer this lie about "without precondition" crap this old guy keeps bringing up..... I like that you said you would use diplomacy to try to talk to Iran.  You bring a multi-prong approach to trying to solve the problem.  Energy is part of the Iran answer.   Yeah... he said DIRECT TALK John, DIRECT TALK.  

BO- No really, what don't you know.  I love how you quantified this election as a referendum on the Bush/McCain policy.  

JM- I cannot wait for your response.  You just insulted my geography prowess.  You are trying to copy Baracks hope speech... you are a rich bastard.  

Please vote... I don't care for who, please just vote.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am not complaining about the lack of fuel, but WINI is.  She his a picky picky girl, only Chateau D'Petro 93 vintage (octane).  If you know where Premium Fuel can be bought, please comment.  All I can find is the regular stuff for the S-10, I will drive it until I can find WINI some go-go juice.

I cannot hold on....

Sarah Palin needs to resign, if the average person can be the President, I should be.  This lady is an idiot.  I don't have sympathy because she knows what I am going through, she is a main streeter, hockey mom, all that crap.  I want my President to be unique, I want my President to be smarter than me, I want my President to have been groomed their entire life for that position for one reason.  When they get there, they will know what to do.  

  • She did not answer a question directly unless she agrees with Joe Biden
  • She had no ability to defend McCain's healthcare plan, I am interested by it and wanted to hear it defended, she could not
  • Joe could have crushed her skull on a few answers, but was a great statesman and showed restraint.  I would have blasted her
  • She tried a few zingers, she failed
  • I enjoyed when she tried to make it look like only a mom raises children and he turned that on by saying he was a single dad for a long time  His values were obvious
  • I love Joe Biden (in case you didn't notice, I wish he were President)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Random Bullet Points on the debate and others

  • Damn Cubs, lost game one 7-2
  • Isn't foreign policy supposed to be John McCain's strong point?  Why didn't he sound like he knew what he was talking about?
  • Barack Obama only answered one question directly, one more than McCain, but only one nonetheless. 
  • Why wouldn't John McCain look at Obama?  He looked like the plantation owner who was embarrassed to be in the same room as a black man, not a good look. 
  • Overall, it was a draw, this week I give the nod to Obama, not because of anything he did, just because John took credit for the bailout, until it failed and then it was the Dems fault.