Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who is Davidson?

For some reason, the Davidson Wildcats (Stephen Curry's team as they are known nationally) think that their schedule is much more important than the Charlotte 49ers.  I pulled this section off of the AP wire.

"The 49ers have played Davidson in each of the last 30 years and own a 26-10 lead in series.  After the first year of play in 1978-79, one game each season was denoted as the Hornet's Nest game, giving the victor the Hornet's Nest Trophy and bragging rights as the Champion of Mecklenburg County.  Charlotte owns a 20-9 record in Hornet's Nest games.

Charlotte won last year's Hornet's Nest game, 75-68 in a memorable contest at Halton Arena.  Charlotte's Leemire Goldwire (34 points) out dueled Davidson's 
Stephen Curry (32 points) in the elite back-and-fourth battle.  Golwire hit three three-pointers to break open a tie game in the final minutes as Charlotte pulled away.  Head coach Bobby Lutz owns an 8-2 record versus the Wildcats."

The numbers don't lie, you had a great run in the NCAA last year and it was so impressive what Curry did, I admit that is more success than we have had under Lutz.  The fact of the matter is we own the "rivalry" and you have no right to demand that WE move our schedule for your convenience.  Know your role mid-major, know your role.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Is this an exercise in natural selection?

Your thoughts?

Flood Damage

We do not know the extent of the damage, but we do know that some of our stuff got wet in my Father-In-Law's garage.  When the first rain came, he spent 4 hours moving all the boxes from the garage into an elevated storage room.  This is while I was in Atlanta and not there to help him, Amanda and I are ever grateful for his efforts.  After he left for work it kept raining and raining and raining, I think some of our bedroom and living room furniture was in about an inch or two of water.  All reports say "it doesn't look too bad."  I will update this post when I get the chance to look at it.

Please excuse the alliteration: Pathetic Political Pandering

Does John McCain think so little of females in the United States to think that they will vote for him simply because he puts a woman on his ticket?  I am sure Sarah is a lovely woman.  I just find him audacious to say that a woman who three years ago was the mayor of a town 1/4 the size of Mint Hill can be the leader of the United States in his stead but Barack Obama is not ready from day one.  I suppose at age 72, senility has started to rear its ugly head.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My mother and I have been glued to the DNC to watch all the speeches make some decisions on voting... I loved Bill and Hillary's speeches and really have enjoyed this convention... though I do try to not include too much political dialogue on my blog...  I am a big Biden fan and therefore the production team of "Fat Guy In A Little Car" officially endorse:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Twas the night before school

Twas the night before school, and all through the house
only J.B. was stirring, Casey was eating a mouse.
The planners were laid by the front door with care
Teachers were practicing their mean, evil stare

The children were sleepless while laying in bed
While visions of good grades danced in their heads
Amanda is sleepless and gone without nap
She hopes on tomorrow, no children to slap

The lessons are planned and the posters are hung
All in anticipation of the first bell rung
Hoping that they will make it through the first day
Wondering why they do this for not enough pay

Out on the street there arose pitter-patter
Chance and Chloe looked up to see what was the matter
Sara looked out the window to see all the fus
Oh crap it is the morning, that is a school bus

I hope all your days go smoothly and swell
I hope you are smiling when you hear that first bell
David, Allison, Sara, and Wife, I say this to you...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More house photos

here is what our pile of bricks looks like!!!

we have some plumbing and gas lines and stuff too!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Travels to the ATL

I will and have been going to Atlanta every Monday and Tuesday for the next few weeks.  The first week I spent getting lost and feeling my way around.  

This past week I got to have dinner with my amazing friend Dhara and her husband Chase... I did not have an actual photo of Chase... this guy has the style needed to represent him though (haha, I did this for Dhara) 

Now there are people in the world who say "we eat there all the time" but I was so impressed that they did not even need to order, they just brought their drinks and their food.  Dhara and Chase have a gorgeous place in a very conveinient place outside the city.  It was just so nice to catch up and hang out during an auction trip.  Usually, they tend to be lonely.  

Two weeks from now I will be having dinner with a former co-worker the night before and that will be quite enjoyable.  

I won two shirts this week!  I won golf balls and a golf hat last week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


um, this is my 300th post... hooray!

Friday, August 15, 2008

This healthy life

Yeah, I have not gotten this healthy life thing going yet... living with the Smith's has gotten me more active than I was in Chicago.  I have been playing basketball with a group of guys every Sunday morning for an hour or more.  Last night, Amanda and I went to the Y and joined an ultimate frisbee team with the Smith's where we will play every Thursday night.  

I had not played UF since high school and it was a blast. I got to run a lot, which is what I need to do to burn some of this fat off.

Stupid Fuel Sipper

I am against people who try to save fuel by wasting it... for example..

There are folks in this world who will drive 20 miles to S.C. and then back to save 10 cents a gallon. On a car with a 13 gallon tank and gets 30 mpg, you will save $1.30 on the tank and spend $5.33 worth of gas @$4.00 a gallon.  Net loss of $4.03.

Today in the drive thru a lady cut her car off every time she came to stop.. would wait about a minute and move forward.  Every time you stop your engine, upon restart your car's fuel injection will burn about the equivalent in fuel of 4 minutes of idling. We spent 5 minutes in the line, she started the car 3 times burning 12 minutes worth of fuel.  Net loss of 7 minutes of idle fuel.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain Blast

The mountains of North Carolina may be my favorite part of the country.  Amanda and I got to spend the last few days there.  Here are some photos from Elk River Falls.

a view from the top...
and from the bottom...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Design Star

I am really psyched that Jennifer won the Design Star competition on HGTV.  It is one more show I know I am going to be watching for years to come... her smile it contagious.  

Monday, August 04, 2008

Wow, we have been back for three weeks... starting on our fourth.  It feels a little odd being back but not having a permanent place to call home.  We have spent the last week and a half at the Smith's house.  They have made us dinner every night (like shrimp & chicken tonight and the answer to my food quiz below)...

FOOD QUIZ:  What food is also known as "Masturbating Cow?"

... and we have been trying to get Amanda's classroom set up.  I have been working hard, trying to get that great first impression and earn my long-overdue promotion.  

Holy crap it is hot outside... I have not been happy about that.  

Amanda and I are going to the mountains Wednesday night for a MINI vacation.  We will enjoy a free room a la the father in law.  It will be nice to be alone for a bit, but more importantly, it will remind me why I gave up the 6 day market in Chicago... so I can have two days in a row off every once in a while and enjoy my favorite places on earth... the North Carolina mountains.