Friday, August 15, 2008

Stupid Fuel Sipper

I am against people who try to save fuel by wasting it... for example..

There are folks in this world who will drive 20 miles to S.C. and then back to save 10 cents a gallon. On a car with a 13 gallon tank and gets 30 mpg, you will save $1.30 on the tank and spend $5.33 worth of gas @$4.00 a gallon.  Net loss of $4.03.

Today in the drive thru a lady cut her car off every time she came to stop.. would wait about a minute and move forward.  Every time you stop your engine, upon restart your car's fuel injection will burn about the equivalent in fuel of 4 minutes of idling. We spent 5 minutes in the line, she started the car 3 times burning 12 minutes worth of fuel.  Net loss of 7 minutes of idle fuel.


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