Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who is Davidson?

For some reason, the Davidson Wildcats (Stephen Curry's team as they are known nationally) think that their schedule is much more important than the Charlotte 49ers.  I pulled this section off of the AP wire.

"The 49ers have played Davidson in each of the last 30 years and own a 26-10 lead in series.  After the first year of play in 1978-79, one game each season was denoted as the Hornet's Nest game, giving the victor the Hornet's Nest Trophy and bragging rights as the Champion of Mecklenburg County.  Charlotte owns a 20-9 record in Hornet's Nest games.

Charlotte won last year's Hornet's Nest game, 75-68 in a memorable contest at Halton Arena.  Charlotte's Leemire Goldwire (34 points) out dueled Davidson's 
Stephen Curry (32 points) in the elite back-and-fourth battle.  Golwire hit three three-pointers to break open a tie game in the final minutes as Charlotte pulled away.  Head coach Bobby Lutz owns an 8-2 record versus the Wildcats."

The numbers don't lie, you had a great run in the NCAA last year and it was so impressive what Curry did, I admit that is more success than we have had under Lutz.  The fact of the matter is we own the "rivalry" and you have no right to demand that WE move our schedule for your convenience.  Know your role mid-major, know your role.

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Andy said...

I'm alil takin back that they didn't do their part to move things around , def not god that they're not playing , i guess with the recent elite 8 banner they feel they are really hot stuff , but if i were uncc i'd stop the game altogether now , jus schedule winthrop for several years in place , let d'son come back and ask to be on uncc's sched. don't let them comed and go cause they think they're the man , whutta bunch of arrogant prix !