Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Travels to the ATL

I will and have been going to Atlanta every Monday and Tuesday for the next few weeks.  The first week I spent getting lost and feeling my way around.  

This past week I got to have dinner with my amazing friend Dhara and her husband Chase... I did not have an actual photo of Chase... this guy has the style needed to represent him though (haha, I did this for Dhara) 

Now there are people in the world who say "we eat there all the time" but I was so impressed that they did not even need to order, they just brought their drinks and their food.  Dhara and Chase have a gorgeous place in a very conveinient place outside the city.  It was just so nice to catch up and hang out during an auction trip.  Usually, they tend to be lonely.  

Two weeks from now I will be having dinner with a former co-worker the night before and that will be quite enjoyable.  

I won two shirts this week!  I won golf balls and a golf hat last week!

1 comment:

Dhara said...

Ha! Those 4 popped collars make me 4 times as annoyed! We had a really great time catching up with you, and would love to do it again on another trip.