Sunday, April 29, 2007


I just learned tonight what that stands for.... ANY GUESSES?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A One, A Two, A Three

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. I visited Wrigley Field on Sunday when it was 80 degrees, clear, light breeze in the middle of the afternoon. We lost to the Red Birds 12-9, but it was a lot of fun to be in that historical stadium. The last MLB game I went to was in the Pirate's PNC Park. PNC is likely the nicest park in all of baseball, all the amenities, all chairs have a view of home plate and are angled that way. It is clean, roomy, and crowd friendly moving in and out. Wrigley is NONE of those things. Most of your seats have a blind spot or a pole. There is no jumbotron, there are only three ways in and ONE way out. The bullpen is on the field, the seats are made of wood and the metal sides are rusting, likely because decades ago the friction from the sides of fans rubbed the paint off.

Doesn't sound like Wrigley is cool at all, but it is by far the neatest sports venue I have ever been to. I love that there are no plans to bulldoze it a la Tigers & Yankee Stadiums. The streets are right outside as the used the least ammount of space possible to build the field. Kids were playing catch on the street right outside of left field, hoping a homerun would come out and they may get a new ball. People were sitting on bleachers mounted on the roofs of greystone buildings right across the streets from the outfield. The outfield seats are still general admission. The scoreboard still has kids inside of it updating scores and keeping stats. The flags of the league leaders in the NL fly over the scoreboard so you can see where each team ranks. This is what baseball was about 80-90 years ago and it transplants you back there. I want to go to Fenway and feel the same thing. I hope we can figure out a way to renovate old stadiums instead of bulldozing them and building new. I know I am from Charlotte, which should make me want to bulldoze everything over 30 years old, but I would love to see a old buildings standing 50 years from now.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19th

Well first off, it is Amanda and I's 4 year anniversary, can you believe it has been that long? She must have a high tolerance for pain. Happy Anniversary Manders, Love You So Much. Thanks to the family for taking her in, thanks to my friends for befriending her, and thanks to all for the support our relationship has gotten. About 6 months 8 days till the wedding.

Happy Birthday Dad, 55, double nickels. Your hair may be silver & white but it’s all there to show its color. I hope I have the same fate.

I am bought tix to the Barenaked Ladies concert in June here in Chi-town. I am very excited to see them again, it has been since December since I saw them in Charlotte and six months is about as long as I can go. At least I live near Canada now so it is much more drivable to see them at their home too bad the conversion rates suck and it would be like 100 American bucks to see them there.

I went to a Josh Kelley concert last night at the House of Blues. Very cool venue, second time there and I notice something cool and different about it each time. He was good live, I liked him better acoustic at the Visulite in Charlotte, I went to that one with my Charlotte concert girlfriend (Amanda doesn't love live music so I have concert girlfriends in Charlotte and Chicago) Michele. I dig any white guy that does a Snoop Doggie Dogg cover in the middle of his only #1 hit, Loddie Doddie was the interlude of Josh Kelley's song "Amazing."

Today I am going to finally get around to ordering my bike and I am going to get my passport, so if I go to Canada I can come back in, plus we have the cruise with three stops in Canada this summer.

Get Well Mario!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The ABSOLUTE Sweetness

When I miss my family, this warms my heart!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bobby's "All In"

Bobby Lutz addresses 49ers fans, critics
An open letter from Bobby Lutz to the Charlotte 49ers family:

As many of you know, my name has surfaced in connections with the opening for head men's basketball coach at South Alabama. I am grateful for the confidence they had in my coaching abilities to consider me for such a good position. Based on my current contract situation at Charlotte, I owed it to myself, my family and my assistant coaches to listen to that opportunity.

Despite the contract situation, Charlotte is where I want to be and we have two years to get back to winning at the level we are accustomed to. When I was announced as head coach nine years ago, I said it was my dream job. It still is. I am proud to be the head basketball coach at Charlotte. This is where my heart is and always will be. This is home. And most importantly, this is where I want to leave my mark. When I finish my coaching career my goal is to remain at UNC Charlotte in some capacity.

I am accustomed to success, and make no mistake, we will be successful on and off the court. Our history here at the school speaks for itself. We have been to post-season play in the NCAA on numerous occasions and won conference championships and those days are coming again. My commitment level to those goals is stronger than ever.

Last year was not acceptable and no one was more disappointed in our record and performance than me. I take full responsibility for it. There are a number of factors that led to having a sub-par season, but each of them end with me. I was not happy, our players were not happy and I know our fans were not happy with our results. I also know that last year's performance was an exception to the normal success we have experienced during our time here.

I am excited and energized about our future because of what we have in place. We will turn it around quickly and I can't wait for the first practice, first scrimmage and first game next season. I have a group of players currently working incredibly hard during this off-season. They are committed to getting back to our winning ways while continuing to excel in class and in the community.

We have a great senior leader in Lee Goldwire who will lead us in every way. It is comforting to have such a natural worker and leader like Lee. Ian Andersen is working hard to expand his game and become a more complete player. Mike Gerrity will provide a quickness and toughness that is so needed. Jerrell Lewis has improved his consistency and practices with excellent effort. Sean Phaler continues to improve his defensive effort and can obviously shoot the basketball. Charles Dewhurst has totally recovered from his injury and provides a combination of athleticism, ability, and skill. Kyle Church is the perfect walk-on who competes every single day to make everyone else better. Phil Jones is concentrating on academics and strength and conditioning and can't wait to join the team.

When you add our signed recruits (we can only talk about those who have signed by NCAA rules) I can't help but get excited. Gaby Ngoundjo is a quick athletic post player who can run the floor and block shots. Anjuan Wilderness is a proven winner and extremely versatile player with a great basketball IQ. Javarris Barnett is a big wing shooter with great upside and he is from Charlotte. Our staff has us in excellent position to complete this recruiting class in the next couple weeks. They are working tirelessly and I appreciate their dedication to getting us back to winning. We are all on the same page.

There is a lot to be optimistic about in regards to UNC Charlotte and our athletic program. Our academic stature rises by the day. Our beautiful campus grows seemingly on a daily basis as new buildings are everywhere. We are exploring football. Women's soccer won the league title. Women's basketball went to another WNIT. The baseball and golf teams are nationally ranked and the men's tennis team is heading to the NCAA tournament for the first time. Men's basketball is going to be back on that list of things that our fans are proud of and pound their chests about. I promise you that.

There are a number of adjustments we are making and I will share a number of those things with you the fans over the coming weeks and months. Expect to see a lot of me throughout the campus and the community.

Speaking of our fans, I need you; our team needs you. Thank all of you, especially our season ticket holders and members of NINER NATION, for your past support. We have a great schedule this upcoming season which will be released later. At this point, we are hosting sweet sixteen Southern Illinois, Maryland, Wake Forest, Davidson and Appalachian State in addition to High Point and Gardner-Webb. We are playing in a terrific early season tournament and will have a number of great league games to look forward to. When Halton Arena is loud and filled, we are a tough team to beat as evidenced by our 10 home wins last season.

I am not a gambler by nature, but the bottom line is this. . . I AM ALL IN! PERIOD! I am not leaving any chips on the table. I am proud to be the basketball coach at Charlotte and I am all in. My family is all in. Our staff is all in. Our players are all in. And I am confident that our fans are going to join us and be all in as well.

For us, next season has already begun and we are ALL IN!

Bobby Lutz

I believe him, lets win!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Bobby Lutz Granted Permission To Talk To South Alabama

POSTED: 8:58 pm EDT April 11, 2007
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz has been granted permission to talk to South Alabama officials about the school's head coaching job.
Charlotte spokesman Ryan Rose on Wednesday confirmed South Alabama asked and received permission from athletic director Judy Rose to speak to Lutz, who is 168-112 in nine seasons with the 49ers.
Lutz, who has led Charlotte to five NCAA tournament appearances, was out of the office Wednesday and unavailable for comment, Rose said.
South Alabama, a member of the Sun Belt Conference, is looking to replace John Pelphrey, who was named head coach at Arkansas on Monday.
Charlotte was a disappointing 14-16 this season in its second year in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Charlotte had been in Conference USA before the nationwide reshuffling of conference affiliation three years ago.
Lutz has acknowledged he faced a difficult time recruiting, as the 49ers lacked a clear rival in their new league, which is dominated by schools from the Northeast.

I would understand, too much pressure at Charlotte.... Andy was right when he said "he has taken the program as far as his abilities could take the Niners, they need someone else to go to the next level."

Monday, April 09, 2007


After getting sick and traveling to Ashley's wedding I was a little tired. Then while working on the south side of town with a 90 minute commute and cleaning all week Amanda & Company to arrive and entertaining three ladies in a one bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment.... somehow in all that I completely forgot to blog. Well now things are kind of back to normal and I have decided to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

First off, it is baseball season here in Chicago. Much like when you get off the plane in Charlotte and before you pick up your luggage there is a sign that says "By the time you reach the bottom of the escalator, we ask that you choose your blue." One one side there is a Powder Blue and a UNC symbol and on the other is a prestigeous Royal Blue and a Duke symbol. Well, here you are either for the Cubs or the Northern Indiana White Sox. You can see which side I have chosen. I live 5 stops from the Cubbies and an hour on the train to the Sox. Plus I can get a beer in Wrigleyville, but you might die if you are out on the 35th at the wrong time.

Next up I would like to talk about how much I enjoyed having Amanda & friends here. As you know, I don't like to get all mushy on here and say how incredibly much I miss Amanda each and everyday, that would be pathetic and none of my 2 fans that check this site would ever want to read again. It was nice with Coleton, Marlies, and Amanda here to fill up the apartment. Amanda said it smelled like a dorm room when she first got here, though a little offended, I guess if there is only one guys here, I guess it would smell like me, I guess I smell like a dorm room. So they all had 100 products in and around the shower and dried their hair in the kitchen. So things all over smelled nice and girly. I liked seeing Amanda asleep when I left for work and meeting them for dinner as I got off of work.

I have to admit the first few days here were very nice, we all hung out, the weather was good, but I think Amanda got a little spooked by being surrounded by people all the time. Somewhere between the 40 degree tempreture swing from Tuesday to Wednesday and the subsequent snowfall, she changed her mind and canceled all summer obligations. Amanda will be moving up here soon after her last workday at school, mid June!!!!!

Not soon enough if you ask me.

I am feeling better these days though still hacking up green stuff from my lungs, doctors say it is normal but I am not a fan. It has nearly been a month now. I feel great otherwise. I am really loving work and all the challenges my new position brings, both stores saw tremendous growth last month and had positive yearly comps.... yeah bonus check!!! I will write more as I feel inspired to do so, please drop me a line if you read this, sometimes I think no one looks at it anymore.