Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19th

Well first off, it is Amanda and I's 4 year anniversary, can you believe it has been that long? She must have a high tolerance for pain. Happy Anniversary Manders, Love You So Much. Thanks to the family for taking her in, thanks to my friends for befriending her, and thanks to all for the support our relationship has gotten. About 6 months 8 days till the wedding.

Happy Birthday Dad, 55, double nickels. Your hair may be silver & white but it’s all there to show its color. I hope I have the same fate.

I am bought tix to the Barenaked Ladies concert in June here in Chi-town. I am very excited to see them again, it has been since December since I saw them in Charlotte and six months is about as long as I can go. At least I live near Canada now so it is much more drivable to see them at their home too bad the conversion rates suck and it would be like 100 American bucks to see them there.

I went to a Josh Kelley concert last night at the House of Blues. Very cool venue, second time there and I notice something cool and different about it each time. He was good live, I liked him better acoustic at the Visulite in Charlotte, I went to that one with my Charlotte concert girlfriend (Amanda doesn't love live music so I have concert girlfriends in Charlotte and Chicago) Michele. I dig any white guy that does a Snoop Doggie Dogg cover in the middle of his only #1 hit, Loddie Doddie was the interlude of Josh Kelley's song "Amazing."

Today I am going to finally get around to ordering my bike and I am going to get my passport, so if I go to Canada I can come back in, plus we have the cruise with three stops in Canada this summer.

Get Well Mario!!!!

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