Friday, June 22, 2007

The "Mommy Mobile" is coming!*

The silver 6 is coming folks, with all of Amanda's crap, I mean worldly possessions in tow.

*note: Sara refers to the car as the mommie mobile.... but Amanda's car is faster and better handling than any mommy mobile I have seen... and Sara just bought a wagon so what does that say?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Sweetness

I know the Red Thread has a bazillion (really! I counted) pictures of Maggie. But my pals who don't link over need to bow down the the cuteness that is....

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

For the 26th consecutive Father's Day, no child or mother has called me to break some news!!! Here's to keeping the streak alive!

Happy father's day to all! Especially David, his very first and I know Maggie adores you, from here you will only get dorkier by the minute. Happy Father's Day to my dad. Happy Father's Day to all you guys and gals who have played that role at one time or another in my life. Thanks David (twice mentioned, nice work) ReRe, Uncle, Mom, Mr. Ed.

*this list is by no means exclusive, please insert your name before printing and showing the non-believers at work!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hold me now and watch the hoodwink

it'll be one week til Amanda's here!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sidewalk Eaters

No, not when you bust on your skateboard and eat a big chunk of sidewalk. Everyone in this area adores eating outside. Every cafe, coffee shop, eatery, and hell, even burger king has outside patio seating. On any given night, the bar is empty, but they are busy because everyone is outside, or my personal choice, up on the roof eating. I think that the end of winternment (see previous post) means everyone wants to spend the maximum ammount of time outside.

The exception being today, with 50 mph wind gust (this city has some silly nickname that might apply) and tree branches (no leaves or limbs, whole branches) floating down the street, I am sitting inside watching a couple clean up. They were enjoying the windy embiance with a causal exchange of "what, I can't hear you" when the table cloth was caught by a big gust of wind and all of their lovely itailian meal was dumped into the lap of her pretty white capri pants. Good luck with that one bleach pen! Idiots!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New words

Thought this was a funny bit from NPR's car talk... they found "new words" denied by Websters.

Destinisia - a disease in which one enters another room and forgets why.

Garagemahal - an extremely large house with its dominating characteristic being an oversized three or four car garage to hold SUV's and sports car

Molassachist - one who derrives pleasure by making processes painfully slow.

Flatuglance - The glance given by someone who has realized that someone has farted.

Winternment - forced to spend months inside due to bad weather.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

One Seventh Score and One Day Ago

Amanda and I got engaged! I was suprised on the day of engagement how hard it was to get ahold of people. Only my mother, in Iowa at the time, answered her phone. Well in contrast to that, I got a lot of advice and congratulatory phone calls this year, lucky for you, I recorded them and will transcribe them for you here on the blogorific.

"Wow Jon, you found a woman who has a higher tollerance of pain than I do." Chris Angel

"Engagement, I can't spell it, but I know what that it means, I just don't know how to end one. Yours is going to end in October, but mine, I just cannot seem to set a date." George W. Bush

"Just don't fight in bed, or the dugout, congrats man!" Lou Piniella

"I think you giving her a contract extension is the way to go, it will keep her from exploring other options later." Bobby Lutz

"Keep your secrets to yourself, don't tell her, or anyone anything ever!" Scooter Libby

"My cousin Elizabeth and I will be the prettiest girls in the room, well, maybe our new cousin Amanda might rival us, but that is unlikely." Maggie

"Your fiance looks hot in that blue dress." Bill Clinton

Friday, June 01, 2007

Weather People

Predicting Chicago's weather, I assert, is more difficult than Charlotte. The massive body of water to our East can make the shoreline have a completly different forecast than the rest of the area. I have to be careful about checking online sources because they usually post what is up at O Hare. Well, that is 15 miles from Lake Michigan. I live three blocks from the lake and work about a mile inland.

Today, for example, it was a balmy 85 degrees at O'Hare with a calm wind and sunny skies. 10 miles away, at Glencoe's #1 Used Car Superstore it was about 70, 20-30 mph wind gusts, and overcast skies. I have adapted quick and keep my fleece and rain jacket at my desk at all times, but that is silly for a 10 mile difference. What I do like is that it keeps it cooler in the summer.... you know how I feel about heat. Just an odd phenominon I thought I would share.

Also, Charlottians... do you remember Larry Sprinkle. I thought what a dumb made up name for a weather man, well up here, I have Amy Freeze to mock.... begining to feel like home already.