Friday, June 01, 2007

Weather People

Predicting Chicago's weather, I assert, is more difficult than Charlotte. The massive body of water to our East can make the shoreline have a completly different forecast than the rest of the area. I have to be careful about checking online sources because they usually post what is up at O Hare. Well, that is 15 miles from Lake Michigan. I live three blocks from the lake and work about a mile inland.

Today, for example, it was a balmy 85 degrees at O'Hare with a calm wind and sunny skies. 10 miles away, at Glencoe's #1 Used Car Superstore it was about 70, 20-30 mph wind gusts, and overcast skies. I have adapted quick and keep my fleece and rain jacket at my desk at all times, but that is silly for a 10 mile difference. What I do like is that it keeps it cooler in the summer.... you know how I feel about heat. Just an odd phenominon I thought I would share.

Also, Charlottians... do you remember Larry Sprinkle. I thought what a dumb made up name for a weather man, well up here, I have Amy Freeze to mock.... begining to feel like home already.

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