Thursday, May 24, 2007

I have a date Saturday night

... with the prettiest girl in the world. Amanda and I are splitting the distance and meeting this weekend in Lexington KY. I have no clue what is going on in Lexington, but I am just so happy that the ammount of time that has elapsed between when I dropped her off at OHare and when I arrive in Lexington will be the longest amount of time I ever have to spend apart from her.

enough of the sappy

I got my friggin bike yesterday finally. After a month of back order, I picked up my bike and spent a small fortune on accessories. I had to buy a lock & rope set, rack, front and rear lights, and of course a water bottle holder. I went for a nice 6 or 7 mile ride to find the kinks today after work. After 10 & 25 hours I get free inspections / tune ups.

I am now in BFE Illinois to attend a training session, I am almost in Iowa.

Have a happy memorial day!

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Laurie Anne said...

How romantic! You'll have great stories to tell your kids one day...

That is so nice of you to list me...totally unexpected. Hope my posts live up to it!