Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mission Acomplished

4 years ago today, President Bush declared "Mission Acomplished" on board an aircraft carrier. Remember the pompous man standing in a flight suit (a suit he avoided wearing while calling himself a veteran) saying that major combat missions were concluded and that we were victorious. Since then, 3,200+ troops have bravely lost their lives, and April 2007 was the deadliest month yet.

My opinions are infused with facts above, feel free to ignore my thoughts but not the truth. I don't know how to fix it, I just ask that the President admit what is happening and man-up and just fix it. I don't like, respect, honor, or think good thoughts about our President, but I respect his position and authority, I wish he did.

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Anonymous said...


The guy should try to measure up to
his announced idols. Harry Truman &
Dwight Eisenour. They "Cut & Ran"