Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As the son of a sailor I went......

out on the seas for adventure. We leave tomorrow. I don't know about WiFi on the open seas but I plan to at least write a blog post every day, I may have to wait to publish them when I get back. Rest assured, something new will be posted on this oft-neglected blog very soon! Love you all!

Monday, July 09, 2007


Taste was good, a touch of a disappointment for entertainment. Once you did the lap around the tents... you kinda just ate and left. But 3.6 million people cannot be wrong, the food was good. "Taste" as the locals say is an experience that I will use a quote from Chuck, my Chicago friend stuck in Charlotte to describe it. "Everything.... on a stick."

Things are going well. We are counting down minutes til the cruise. For those that don't know, Amanda and I will be leaving from Baltimore, going up to Portland Maine to visit the L.L. Bean Store... open 24/7/365. We then sail to Bar Harbor, Maine; Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay of Fundy; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Boston Mass before heading home. I cannot wait to blog about all the adventures.

The 4th was very fun for A2 and I. I worked from 9-3ish (we sold -1 cars that day) and then met up with our neighbors for a cookout. They cooked steaks, kabobs, and dogs on the grill. We walked down to the lakefront and watched the fireworks from the beach. We had a great time with our neighbors, we actually went out with them again on Saturday. It is actually a lot like dating in high school, trying to be cool and impress your new friends... only now you have a partner in crime.

Emily is coming this weekend to hang out with me. We are going to Cubs game!

I am playing in a basketball game next Sunday against our inventory associates. They have been begging us to play them since the spring... we finally gave in. I just feel bad for them though... it is like begging for an ass-whoopin'

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Taste Of Chicago

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Taste of Chicago is this week. We are going to go downtown for the day Thursday for the biggest culinary festival in the world. Here's to $100 of sample food.... (insert clink noise here) ...... (insert gulp here ) ahhhhh!

Full House

So I decided to blow the dust off the old blog o rific and give the one reader left something to read.

Well, things are different. As most of you know, last Saturday Amanda moved up here to Evanston for good. I am uber excited on the overall feeling!!! There have been many adjustments for both of us to make. I guess for some reason I didn't consider that too much. We have both been living on our own over (wicked alliteration) 6 months now. I also took for granted that I had a job and the security of having built in friends, being my co-workers. Amanda has none of those luxuries. She had to leave behind a dream teaching gig to follow a smelly carmax guy.... the deal doesn't really sound so lucrative. It was a crazy week adjusting into a routine. But that is about the worst of it.

The best of it was on Monday I came home and the apartment smelled like brownies and girlie stuff. I didn't realize how much I missed the smells that are associated with having someone else in the house. On Wednesday, I didn't have to do anything, Amanda had the entire day planned out and we ate dinner with Brent and Tanna. We went on walks of varying lengths almost every night this week, considering it was about 75 & sunny every day this week! On Saturday night we went to dinner with a friend from work and her husband... it was good for Amanda and I to be able to hang out with people our age and converse. On Sunday.... Amanda went to MECCA..... Some know it as IKEA. It was very much fun, we played it cool by leaving our wallets in the car. We do have to save a little considering we are single income and have a cruise coming up.

Things are great though... the last few days for Amanda have been very productive as she looks for work. I hope we can finish some applications this week and maybe get some interviews going. It would be nice to know she has work before we leave for the cruise. We are celebrating the 4th with our neighbors Natalie & Robert and then we head to hang out with Michael and Kristen. Emily is coming in two weeks; the BoSox fan will be partaking of a game at Wrigley. Amanda's parents come up the following weekend, the cruise is the next two weekends, then Marlies comes to visit... busy summer!