Monday, July 09, 2007


Taste was good, a touch of a disappointment for entertainment. Once you did the lap around the tents... you kinda just ate and left. But 3.6 million people cannot be wrong, the food was good. "Taste" as the locals say is an experience that I will use a quote from Chuck, my Chicago friend stuck in Charlotte to describe it. "Everything.... on a stick."

Things are going well. We are counting down minutes til the cruise. For those that don't know, Amanda and I will be leaving from Baltimore, going up to Portland Maine to visit the L.L. Bean Store... open 24/7/365. We then sail to Bar Harbor, Maine; Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay of Fundy; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Boston Mass before heading home. I cannot wait to blog about all the adventures.

The 4th was very fun for A2 and I. I worked from 9-3ish (we sold -1 cars that day) and then met up with our neighbors for a cookout. They cooked steaks, kabobs, and dogs on the grill. We walked down to the lakefront and watched the fireworks from the beach. We had a great time with our neighbors, we actually went out with them again on Saturday. It is actually a lot like dating in high school, trying to be cool and impress your new friends... only now you have a partner in crime.

Emily is coming this weekend to hang out with me. We are going to Cubs game!

I am playing in a basketball game next Sunday against our inventory associates. They have been begging us to play them since the spring... we finally gave in. I just feel bad for them though... it is like begging for an ass-whoopin'


Allison said...

Ooooh, the LL Bean store! I am way jealous.

Anonymous said...

Nova Scotia, now Aunt Barb are completely
green with envy. Have a blast, and don't
forget to send px on your blog.