Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Groom's Shower

While a vast majority of my readership is either in the process of moving (Dhara & Allison) or at Amanda's wedding shower I am at the lone BK Lounge sporting free WiFi drinking a cup of Joe. I thought it would be prudent to let you ladies in on a secret, guys' have wedding showers too! Indeed it is true. I have not been give clearence to tell you this, but I will anyway.

It is a very different process than the female version, but no less important. The Bridal shower lasts a couple hours on a gorgeous Sunday somewhere in America. The Groom's shower is an international event, happening daily. Here are some of the events that occur during the entire time of engagement that as a whole, constitute a Groom's shower.

+AT LEAST once a day, you are called an indiot for getting married.

+three times a week co-workers will compliment a decision you make, and then tell you to kiss that ability goodbye.

+You will ask a limited number of married men you know if it is really "that bad." They say nothing in fear of incriminating themselves.

+You will be hit on by a girl at a bar 500% more than before your engagement, just to make you admit that you are taken. I think other guys put them up to it just to jab at you a little bit.

Yes, all these things occur during the "Grooms Shower (of insults)" but the only little thing guys won't tell you that happens toward the end of the shower is this

+The married men will tell you it is worth it, it is fun, cool, and the best decision they have made. The single guys who ribbed you will slowly admit that they covet what you have, and cannot wait to settle down themselves.

Lucky Me ! :-)

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