Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

For the 26th consecutive Father's Day, no child or mother has called me to break some news!!! Here's to keeping the streak alive!

Happy father's day to all! Especially David, his very first and I know Maggie adores you, from here you will only get dorkier by the minute. Happy Father's Day to my dad. Happy Father's Day to all you guys and gals who have played that role at one time or another in my life. Thanks David (twice mentioned, nice work) ReRe, Uncle, Mom, Mr. Ed.

*this list is by no means exclusive, please insert your name before printing and showing the non-believers at work!


Anonymous said...

Only 4 days left!!!
Love, Amanda

Anonymous said...

You have a comment!
Thanks for the voicemail and the double mention on your I feel...well...I I guess.

Re said...

miss you kid, love, Re