Sunday, June 03, 2007

One Seventh Score and One Day Ago

Amanda and I got engaged! I was suprised on the day of engagement how hard it was to get ahold of people. Only my mother, in Iowa at the time, answered her phone. Well in contrast to that, I got a lot of advice and congratulatory phone calls this year, lucky for you, I recorded them and will transcribe them for you here on the blogorific.

"Wow Jon, you found a woman who has a higher tollerance of pain than I do." Chris Angel

"Engagement, I can't spell it, but I know what that it means, I just don't know how to end one. Yours is going to end in October, but mine, I just cannot seem to set a date." George W. Bush

"Just don't fight in bed, or the dugout, congrats man!" Lou Piniella

"I think you giving her a contract extension is the way to go, it will keep her from exploring other options later." Bobby Lutz

"Keep your secrets to yourself, don't tell her, or anyone anything ever!" Scooter Libby

"My cousin Elizabeth and I will be the prettiest girls in the room, well, maybe our new cousin Amanda might rival us, but that is unlikely." Maggie

"Your fiance looks hot in that blue dress." Bill Clinton

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Laurie Anne said...

That is hilarious. Especially Clinton....hahahaha