Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sidewalk Eaters

No, not when you bust on your skateboard and eat a big chunk of sidewalk. Everyone in this area adores eating outside. Every cafe, coffee shop, eatery, and hell, even burger king has outside patio seating. On any given night, the bar is empty, but they are busy because everyone is outside, or my personal choice, up on the roof eating. I think that the end of winternment (see previous post) means everyone wants to spend the maximum ammount of time outside.

The exception being today, with 50 mph wind gust (this city has some silly nickname that might apply) and tree branches (no leaves or limbs, whole branches) floating down the street, I am sitting inside watching a couple clean up. They were enjoying the windy embiance with a causal exchange of "what, I can't hear you" when the table cloth was caught by a big gust of wind and all of their lovely itailian meal was dumped into the lap of her pretty white capri pants. Good luck with that one bleach pen! Idiots!

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