Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New words

Thought this was a funny bit from NPR's car talk... they found "new words" denied by Websters.

Destinisia - a disease in which one enters another room and forgets why.

Garagemahal - an extremely large house with its dominating characteristic being an oversized three or four car garage to hold SUV's and sports car

Molassachist - one who derrives pleasure by making processes painfully slow.

Flatuglance - The glance given by someone who has realized that someone has farted.

Winternment - forced to spend months inside due to bad weather.

1 comment:

Donnie and Lisa said...

i often suffer from destinisia, everywhere i go,there are two little people following me, talking constantly, and i forget what i am supposed to be doing and just hug them!