Monday, April 09, 2007


After getting sick and traveling to Ashley's wedding I was a little tired. Then while working on the south side of town with a 90 minute commute and cleaning all week Amanda & Company to arrive and entertaining three ladies in a one bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment.... somehow in all that I completely forgot to blog. Well now things are kind of back to normal and I have decided to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

First off, it is baseball season here in Chicago. Much like when you get off the plane in Charlotte and before you pick up your luggage there is a sign that says "By the time you reach the bottom of the escalator, we ask that you choose your blue." One one side there is a Powder Blue and a UNC symbol and on the other is a prestigeous Royal Blue and a Duke symbol. Well, here you are either for the Cubs or the Northern Indiana White Sox. You can see which side I have chosen. I live 5 stops from the Cubbies and an hour on the train to the Sox. Plus I can get a beer in Wrigleyville, but you might die if you are out on the 35th at the wrong time.

Next up I would like to talk about how much I enjoyed having Amanda & friends here. As you know, I don't like to get all mushy on here and say how incredibly much I miss Amanda each and everyday, that would be pathetic and none of my 2 fans that check this site would ever want to read again. It was nice with Coleton, Marlies, and Amanda here to fill up the apartment. Amanda said it smelled like a dorm room when she first got here, though a little offended, I guess if there is only one guys here, I guess it would smell like me, I guess I smell like a dorm room. So they all had 100 products in and around the shower and dried their hair in the kitchen. So things all over smelled nice and girly. I liked seeing Amanda asleep when I left for work and meeting them for dinner as I got off of work.

I have to admit the first few days here were very nice, we all hung out, the weather was good, but I think Amanda got a little spooked by being surrounded by people all the time. Somewhere between the 40 degree tempreture swing from Tuesday to Wednesday and the subsequent snowfall, she changed her mind and canceled all summer obligations. Amanda will be moving up here soon after her last workday at school, mid June!!!!!

Not soon enough if you ask me.

I am feeling better these days though still hacking up green stuff from my lungs, doctors say it is normal but I am not a fan. It has nearly been a month now. I feel great otherwise. I am really loving work and all the challenges my new position brings, both stores saw tremendous growth last month and had positive yearly comps.... yeah bonus check!!! I will write more as I feel inspired to do so, please drop me a line if you read this, sometimes I think no one looks at it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jon. Hope you don't mind hearing from your future mom-in-law... Wanted to see what you had to say about "the girls" visiting you last week :-)
Glad you rec'd your c.cake petit fours and hope they taste good. I got A2 a variety pack; did she tell you?
Hope that you soon will FINALLY rid yourself of the remnants of pneumonia.
We (all the 4s classes) are going on a field trip to Black Swan Farm, right below Waxhaw, tomorrow. AND... weather is supp. to be rainy... Bummer. God has SUCH a sense of humor!
When asking our kids what we might see at the farm, one girl added this about cows: "We'll see the farmer getting milk from their gutters..."
ra - tue - 3pm

Dhara said...

I'm not sure if I am one of the two "known" fans, but I do, I do!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we look...DAILY! We're glad to hear that you feel better and that your apt. smells better!!

Luv, Aunt Barb

Allison said...

Duh, your blog is linked on mine! Of COURSE I check it! I miss yooooooou!

Donnie and Lisa said...

some people read, even if they fail to's nice to know what is going on with you!