Monday, August 04, 2008

Wow, we have been back for three weeks... starting on our fourth.  It feels a little odd being back but not having a permanent place to call home.  We have spent the last week and a half at the Smith's house.  They have made us dinner every night (like shrimp & chicken tonight and the answer to my food quiz below)...

FOOD QUIZ:  What food is also known as "Masturbating Cow?"

... and we have been trying to get Amanda's classroom set up.  I have been working hard, trying to get that great first impression and earn my long-overdue promotion.  

Holy crap it is hot outside... I have not been happy about that.  

Amanda and I are going to the mountains Wednesday night for a MINI vacation.  We will enjoy a free room a la the father in law.  It will be nice to be alone for a bit, but more importantly, it will remind me why I gave up the 6 day market in Chicago... so I can have two days in a row off every once in a while and enjoy my favorite places on earth... the North Carolina mountains.

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