Friday, August 29, 2008


Is this an exercise in natural selection?

Your thoughts?


Jenni said...

My parents lost their house in Ivan in 2004, and then rebuilt it on the exact same lot. Gustav may wobble (who can tell) and hit Pensacola. Say what you will about natural selection. I see what you're getting at. But choosing to stay with your community and your home and your friends is not a character flaw (or an evolutionary defect.)

(And I say this as your friend and you are still my friend and I am not angry. Just pointing some things out is all.)

Jon said...

Never said it was a character flaw, just a decision with inherent consequences that SOME (only some, not even most) refuse to accept. I do not blame, look down upon, or degrade anyone with a sense of sea community, but I do get upset when those same few blame the government when the bowl they live in fills up with water. I have walked next to the levee system and canals and thought to myself "why am I looking UP at the water?"

On the positive side, I am very impressed the improvement of government mobilization this time. The state governments seemingly have their crap together.

(I know you are my friend silly goose, I am merely trying to stoke conversation... brown chicken brown cow.)

Jenni said...

I don't think people would blame the government because N.O. flooded except that they knew it could happen with a cat 3 storm or greater. Had known, in fact, for years and even though the technology existed to prevent it they didn't do anything about it.

And then when the worst happened the government completely failed to protect the people in harm's way through their negligence.

So yes people took a risk by living in N.O. but the majority of the people that were screwed over by Katrina were poor people who were born and raised there and had no means or ability to move elsewhere, or even to somewhat higher grounds in nicer neighborhoods.

Jon said...

they can move now... I do not suggest they move... just get out of the way temporarily. I just feel that if anyone dies in N.O. this time they bear all responsibility.

Jenni said...

Well yeah. We're in agreement there. :) I mean because at least the state government of LA has learned their lesson and is providing people with the means necessary to get out of town.