Monday, September 01, 2008

Flood Damage (follow up)

The damage is very minimal!  Thank God, there are some water lines on our bedroom furniture but the stain did not come out of the wood, no cracks or big issues.  Thanks to SMIL & FIL for getting our stuff dry!


DF said...

Hey! I'm glad your stuff is ok!

Two questions:

1. Now that you know that flooding is a possibility, will you be using this location in the future?

2. If your furniture is ruined by a future flood, do you expect your friends and neighbors to buy you new furniture?

Jon said...

1. No, unlike residents of NO, we have moved our stuff across the driveway into the shed...2 feet above the garage... the rest has been fortified on cinder blocks.

2. No, it is no one's responsibility but my own to furnish my house.