Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mean Muggin'

I am not sure if any of you are familiar with the term "mean muggin.' " Mean muggin' is defined by the fine folks at urban dictionary as "the evil eye, lookin at someone hard." I was not very familiar with this term until one of my co-workers in Chicago used it regularly and I began to incorporate it into my vernacular. Below you will find the male in the picture clearly mean muggin' while his date (prom maybe, thanks photobucket) is unaware.

Rational thought would make you think that in land of "Southern Hospitality" that this phenomenon would be much less prevolent that in the millions deep midwest city I hold dear. In the ten weeks since Amanda and I's return, I have actually noticed it to be a more common practice. Maybe, before having defined and quantified the action, I was just oblivious in my last tenure of residence in the Queen City.

One of the hourly associates at my place of work has a tendency to mean mug all day long. His is a scowl, a slightly apathetic stare, when coupled with his rugged exterior creates a menacing look. I was assigned to be his mentor about 5 weeks ago and during our first meeting, I brought up that his look may prevent him from being as successful as he wants to be. He has been actively trying to overcome is non-intentional disadvantage. After some scepticism, he realized I was being honest and his persona on the outside finally matches the inside.

Earlier last week, I was mean mugged by a customer I was trying to explain something that was very beneficial to him. The sad thing is he could have gotten some freebees, an oil change or something, if he has been pleasent. Instead of that route, I raised my intensity to match his. On Friday I was mean mugged by a construction worker who was building my house. I thought to myself "if it weren't for me, would he be working right now." After getting off my Republican-esque high horse, I decided that I was intruding on his work space and maybe I deserved it. I did create a good deal of extra work for him. On Saturday, I was mean mugged at a 3 year old's birthday party, I am not sure of the provocation for said "muggin.' "

I conclude with this... people of the world. Stop MEAN MUGGIN' people!


Jenni said...

I can't help it. I'm just a hostile kind of girl. ::mean mugs you::

Pretending With Kate & Ashton Today said...

Hahahaha! My three year old mean muggs and now I know what to call it. Thanks Jon!!!