Friday, September 19, 2008

House Update

Thought I would tell you guys about the pre-drywall meeting I had today. The weather was perfect, of the four houses in our section of the neighborhood, we are a week ahead of all of them. Good because I want in our house badly, bad because we won't be the last ones in. The only boo-boo's that we found were that they forgot to run the gas line for our stove, he thought we had electric. He was wrong, Monday all will be well. A positive boo-boo we noticed was that they ran two rough-ins for dual sinks in the guest bathroom... we didn't pay for that upgrade. He has to find out what type of cabinet we ordered, they may or may not go ahead and put the second sink in. If not, we will know it is there and if/when we want to remodel, it will be ready to go. The previously noted issue with the stairs, the half wall was about six inches higher was fixed as we walked around the upstairs, consider it done. The tenative schedule is now:
Monday: Frame Inspection
(add missing gas line and cable outlet)
Tuesday: Insulation
Wednesday: Insulation Inspection
Thursday: Drywall Begins
Friday: We may get a completion date!

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Pretending With Kate & Ashton Today said...

Hey Jon, as someone that bought a "used" home, I am VERY jealous of you! I would also like to, if I can, recommend trying to get an attic fan installed as the house goes up, if you don't already have one. Supposed to save tons of money during many of our hot months here. Cheers to you and your new nest!