Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Amazing that I have yet another reason to hate the city of Atlanta.  Below are photos of my wreck in Atlanta on Monday Night.

The smoke you see above is from the airbags... without my glasses I thought the car was on fire... I am so dramatic.
It is hard to tell from this angle, but the front fender & headlight are shifted about six inches outside, so the front of the car sticks out further than the passenger mirror.
After the initial contact, the back of her SUV came around and hit the back of my car.
The airbags did the most damage, knocking my glasses off and burning my arm, but I am sure in the split second I hit them they helped absorb some impact.

Bye Bye Acura TL, I will never see you again.  Essentially, a lady just pulled from the left lane right in front of me.  I was in the far right lane, going about 45 mph, and boom!  

Injury List:
Boo boo on head, slight cut
Airbag burn on my left arm
Seat belt related bruises
 (my chest looks like a negative photo of a dive flag)
and worst of all...
My right Pinky Nail was broken!!!

The 6-7 month pregnant driver of the SUV was okay as well... Thank GOD!


Allison said...

Yeah, but best of all, you weren't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Sha Bon,Get your ass to Dr Echterling and get checked

Andy said...

Atl sucks , poor wil pinky nail lol , glad you're ok tho for real !

Jenni said...

Man that sucks. Air bag burns are the worst.

Barb said...

Since you are pretty much unhurt, I'm laughing at your comment about the dive flag!

Dhara said...

I am so glad you are ok! You should have called me!

Anonymous said...

We're certainly happy that you are alright... go to the doc's and get checked out just to make sure!(my sister's are nurses 'n it would make them quite happy :-) )

~aunt b