Thursday, September 04, 2008

New to FGIALC!

To the right you will see a new feature to Blogger and to Fat Guy In A Little Car.  The poll of the week will be posted as often as my lazy but can think of it.  I will usually be trying to solve a household debate by way of democracy.  I think this is a great way to show my election spirit and get answers to life's great question.  Like any democracy, participation is paramount.

This week's question is a debate over the name Hayden, Tim and Sara are considering this name for a child not yet created.  Does the name belong to a boy or girl or both?  Does it just suck?  You, the people, should decide.

Also new is a follower tab, just lets me know who is reading... if I see your name I may write something for you.


Andy said...

old iowa coach hayden frye , oh yeah and hayden fox from THE minnesota state university screaming eagles lol

Jenni said...

Hayden Panetierre the chick from Heroes is why I put it down as asexual. Though it does lean a little more boy for me.

Pretending With Kate & Ashton Today said...

Hayden is great! I have an AshtoN and a KatheriNe and agree all names ending in -en or -n are simply perfect. (As a parent, something about yelling the inflecting -n sound at the end that makes their little heads snap up and come to attention)
Am I right JonathaN? And Hayden B(your last name) sounds like a movie star name! Very VIP-ish.