Thursday, October 09, 2008

House Update

Here are some photos of the work done on our house.  They have painted, put all the trim up, the front porch posts and roof are up, they have trimmed out the windows and fireplace, hung up all the doors.  So much work has been done, here is a guy laying hardwood floors in our foyer and dining room.
This is the view of our bathroom from the bedroom
This is the other side looking at our shower and tub, there will be a glass wall there
Below you will see our kitchen cabinets hung with care.
We are tentatively scheduled for our final walk through on the first week of November, closing would be about 2-5 days after that. 


Jenni said...


Anonymous said...

very niiiiiiiiiicea' house!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon-Jon

Anonymous said...

JB & C0:


Premium gas (Chateau 93) now available at
most Exxon & Shell stations.

Congratulations on the house. Now starts
the Great American Dream.


Pretending With Kate & Ashton Today said...

Beautiful looking house! Very nice!