Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthday Blog Post

So I am not going to talk about a diet tonight, not only a reccomendation made by my beloved Dhara, but because we are all sick of it.  I certainly did not abide by anything today!  

I am more well connected to the world through the world wide web.  I use facebook, blogger, twitter, linked in, and even though I have dropped my myspace account, I am very networked.  This was very evident to me today.  I got over 80 electronic Happy Birthday messages.  A few from overseas, representing eleven states in the United States, and from friends, family, and people who have never met me in person.  It was pretty cool.  I was on the phone almost all day, I got 22 text messages and 19 phone calls.  I am so sorry I didn't return every call or text, but I did work.  

I am not posting this because I want to show how popular I am, I just feel lucky to be loved like that.  I worry sometimes that I am too exposed on the web, there is too much information about me and my life available for the whole world to see.  I do like the no secrets part though, I rarely have to remember a lie I have told, it is a daunting task to lie to hundreds of people at the same time.  You read about people be stalked because of their profile and it makes me worry a bit, but I would also be quite honored to have a stalker.  I would never press charges, I would feel so bad for you that your life has reached a level of boredom where even I seem interesting.  I am linked with my boss, my boss's boss, and my boss's boss's boss.  I have to watch what I say on what venue to protect my professional image.  That is where I think I, and you, run the biggest risk.  I also know people who have been hired of linked in and facebook, so the cost-benefit analysis has to be made before deciding what to do.

I just want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes in whatever form!  This was a good time to feel an out pouring of love.  Be well, drive safely tomorrow!

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