Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Restaurant Review

I have never done a restaurant review on my blog before, but you know, there is a first time for everything.  

Tonight we ate at Bert & Gerts Bar B Q and More in Huntersville.  It is on the Harris Blvd. exit next to Northern Tools.  The atmosphere was very modern, a nice escape from the typical wood paneled walls and nascar decor that is synonymous with local BBQ joints.  On a big screen, they had a replay of a live INXS concert playing.  On the same wall there were records framed, the owner is clearly a music lover.  Over the speakers in a subtle volume were hits from the 80's.

The owner greeted us at the counter and struck up a conversation while we made up our minds.  He is a music expert as we went toe to toe with trivia.  He won.  Amanda got a BBQ sandwich and I got the pulled pork plate.  

BBQ- B: not the best I have ever had but very good
Sauce- B: Sweet & Tangy is good, the hot needs more fire.
Sides- A: we got mac & cheese, it is not creamy, it is really mac & cheese
Amanda got the fried okra, that was her favorite, she loved the corn casserole as well
I got the baked beans, they were serviceable but the least favorite of the ordered sides

Overall, the place gets a boost from the atmosphere and rates out as an A-.  It is the best BBQ I have found in the immediate area.  Bridges in Shelby is the best I have ever tasted and is the benchmark by which all joints are rated.


Allison said...

Bridges--OMG, yummmmmmm

Anonymous said...


A BIG "AMEN" to Bridges