Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Few Snowy Pictures

Here are some more pictures. I just thought I would take some dumb photos, just so you can see more of what surrounds me everyday. I will be taking some pictures of inside the apartment when I have all the photos hung and I have a table & baker's rack so I can finish putting away Amanda's endless supply of baker's supplies!

This is a picture of the park that is across the street from the building. I am guessing on warmer days there would be children playing there. Evanston has an excessive number of parks, most like this one in the middle of residential buildings. I like it because it keeps kids from playing in the street.

Another angle on my building, looking back from the park. I just thought I would post a picture with some snow.

I got Illinois plates on the 4Runner today! I was so happy to be prepared for that, I had all the doccuments that I needed and was able to only spend about an hour at the DMV. I have to give the Secretary of State some credit here, the facility was well staffed, easy to use, and clean. I think N.C. has some things to learn here. It was faster than I thought, so I began to wander over to the area where a driver's license can be issued. I then remembered that I didn't bring that doccumetation with me because I had no intention of taking a driver's license test today. I will do that soon, I have 60 days for insurance purposes to get my IL license. I then went to the Evanston Civic Center to get my city parking pass. I was happy that it was at the discounted rate because my registration was new, so instead of $90 it was $60. So after $200 spent on my car, I am yet again broke, but thats fine, I went to Jewel and got some groceries for the week.

I am going to go to the Boat & RV show and the Convention center downtown, I enjoyed the one in Charlotte and it seems like some good clean cheap fun here in Chicago. In February, the Chicago Auto Show will run for a week and a half, of course what ever day I have off will be spent there. It is open for 11 hours, I will likely spend all day there. It is the largest auto show in america. Even though it is big, there are more debuts made by manufacturers in Detroit and L.A. Oh well, I am still excited.

I love my Steelers still, but Go Bears!


Jon said...

Anyone notice that the same Honda minivan is in both pictures of the building.... odd.

Anonymous said...

it would appear that your relocation has brought 'da bears' just the right amount of luck!