Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quasi/Semi/Diet Coke of Paragraphs about Nothing

I don’t always know what to write on these blog posts. Sometimes I think I should just tell you guys what is going on, just little mundane details. Basically the play by play on my life. Then there are the times when I want to blog about my emotions, deep insight into my thoughts, all of that stuff. I have never been good at keeping a diary nor have I ever been a really consistent blogger. So I will try to find something witty and charming to say, because I have no mundane things to share with you, I go to work, I come home, I live a very simple existence right now with no frills. Here are some highlights of the last few weeks.

I got some pictures of Maggie and I before I left Charlotte. She is dragging me around Re Re’s house. I have them sitting next to my Lazy Jon chair, they make me smile and feel warm when it is 15 degrees outside.

My new store is in a really rich part of town. To the north is a Mercedes Benz dealership, a Bently store with Caddilac. To the south is Lexus, Infiniti, and BMW. Poor ole Carmax in the middle. We appraise really nice stuff. In a given year in Charlotte, I would put more than $50,000 on a car once, maybe twice. I have already appraised 3 $50,000+ cars, one $62,000 and one $73,000 car. That is retarded yo, but a lot of fun!

President Bush is an idiot. I respect the light level of humility he has tried to show since the last election, admitting mistakes. Admitting mistakes means nothing if you continue to prove that you don’t learn from those mistakes. Sending 21,500 more troops is another mistake. I wish no child left behind also included “No Texan Left Behind.”

At work I will be assuming the role of Inventory Manager. I will be managing hourly associates for the first time, budgeting hours, schedule, mentoring, and performance managing It is cool because I get to continue with the job that I love, and learn another part of the business. Since this is the first of the small market model stores in the company, I will be an invaluable asset (I hope) to Carmax. Eventaully, again I hope, this will be financially beneficial as well.

My family is very cool, my fiancé at home has been invited to birthday parties and included in family events, even when I am 800 miles from home. She is grateful for their acceptance and love they give her and I am very proud to have them. They say friends are special because they are the family you pick, well I would also pick my family if I had the choice given to me.

….and that’s all I got to say about that….

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Keep those warm thoughts going.
You are here, in spirit, with us

Would you like Fries with that Bentley????