Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Snowy Monday

My first day of snow since I have been here. It was so cool. I woke up this morning, got ready for work. I walked out to the car and the snow had maybe been falling for all of an hour. I have not gotten to see much daylight snow in my day, kinda pretty. I brushed off the car, the roads were fine, I headed to work. The farther north I got, the snow fell harder. I put out window stickers and got a snow collection on my shoulder. Big fun for the southern boy. It snowed all day long, collecting about 3 inches, maybe a bit more in the northern side of town. The drive home was not as great as the drive in. I skipped out on the interstate because it had been bumper to bumper since 3 or so. I took Tower Road over to Sheridan. Well, in the Village of Winetka, snow plows are not owned, so I got to drive ON the snow, all was fine, same was to be said for Kenilworth and Wilmette, when I got into Evanston all the roads were salted and plowed. We are a big town, we own trucks! I got to use my 4WD for the first time on a real purpose. I have used it just to keep the differentials lubed up, but I actually drive about 6 miles before I hit the treated roads. After a 45 minute drive (normally 20 minutes) I got a parking spot right in front on the building, it was overall a great day. Tomorrow I will try to get some pictures of the snow around here for you guys sweating it out in CLT. It shouldn't melt considering it is supposed to get down into the low teens tonight. The high for tomorrow is going to be 25, then down into the single digits. I honestly think this will be my first time experiencing tempretures that low.

So I sit here in the coffee shop waiting for my Office : MAC to finish updating, and listening to the NWU girls next to me talking about their Sexcapades of the weekend. "Like oh my God I totally hooked up with this guy who was supposed to be my friend, but that night we had this major connection.... I think we might be in love, but I have to be able to date other people." There are many days when I miss college and the carefree ways that comes with it.... this..... is..... NOT.... one of those times.

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Anonymous said...

hey jon, thanks for all the updates! it's nice to know that you're adjusting to the windy city.