Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some Early Flurries.... snow to come

Hey kids, I wanted to post a few pics so you can see what I am typing about

This is my building, I am in the back corner on the left side there. It was built in 1923.

This is looking back up tree-lined Keeney Ave. from the lake toward the train. I walk three blocks and hang a left to get home.

This is South Blvd. Beach in Evanston. There are six public beaches in Evanston. I was tempted to go for a swim, but being about 33 degrees out and I think the water temps are close to 50 degrees, uh, no thanks!


Anonymous said...

Great pics babe! Have fun playing in the snow.
Love ya :-)

Allison said...

Ooh, your building is so pretty! Looks cold to me! I think it's supposed to be 70 here today. heh.

Barb said...

Thanks for the pics!! What a great place! About the Central Time TV schedule: when we lived in Houston, we loved it! It's ultra WIERD on New Year's Eve, though!
We love ya!!