Thursday, January 25, 2007

Death In The (Carmax) Family

So some sad news was dropped on the Glencoe Carmax team on Tuesday, one of our sales consultants had passed away. Orio died during the day sometime on Monday, no one new he was even having heart trouble. He was an older man, I think in his 70’s. The part that I feel kind of bad about was the last conversation I had with Orio before he passed away.

Orio was one of those sales consultants that did not always follow the Carmax process; he had a tendency to not always be truthful with his responses to management. I asked him to debrief with me as he was dropping the keys off to his appraisal. He told me “the customer’s mother just died and they are selling the car for the estate.” That is not all too uncommon considering we buy your car even if you don’t buy one of ours, many people use Carmax to liquidate assets from an estate. However in Orio’s case, this was the fourth time in two days that I had heard this from him, I called him out on it and he was frustrated. I called him the Grim Reaper for the rest of the day, telling him that death followed him around everywhere. What an asshole I am, I won’t loose sleep over this odd coincidence, but it is very weird don’t you think?

Tomorrow is my day off this week, I got an early start on laundry tonight, so I will finish that early. I normally do it on Sunday but I skipped it last Sunday and the pile is intimidating. I think I am going to go downtown and go ice skating tomorrow. A fun way to do some physical activity. Be well.

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Anonymous said...

don't be too hard on yourself jon. experiences like that happen, especially when you are simply 'picked up on his energy signature beginning the process of departure' dear. recognition of such events can be confusing to the 'every day mind' are NOT an ass, that title is saved for self! hahaha!

enjoy your skating!