Friday, January 26, 2007


For my second week in a row, I had Thursday off this week. I dig that a lot because I work three days, have one off, then work two and have one off. It creates a little balance and rythm to my life. I actually got off my but and went out yesterday. I met Jenni (my friend Kelli's college roommate who happens to be a nurse at NorthWestern Hospital in Chicago) and we went Ice Skating at Mellinium Park, south of the MagMile and right in the loop. I am so sorry I have no pics to post because I found out after I got there, the batteries were dead. It was 22 degrees yesterday and very blustry. They weren't kidding about the Windy City thing. I wore my new GAP jeans ($9.97 on sale), sweater ($9.97 on sale) and knee length wool coat ($34.97, was $178.00) I picked up the other day. I stopped working there in 2000, but I still love the GAP with all my heart! I was pretty toasty except I forgot to put on long johns. We skated until we could no longer bear the wind. While on the rink, a fire truck rode down Michigan Ave. playing "Bear Down" the Chicago Bear's fight song. They are no Steel City, but these folks know how to get behind a football team. Everyone in the park began to sing along with the fireman singing on the loud speaker. We then went to Starbucks to chit chat and talk about the city. We then went to Buddy Guy's Legend's club to hear some blues. I tried a Chicago Italian Beef sandwich, it was superb. I am a fan. I really like living here, it is made much easier by having at least one friend that doesn't wear Carmax blue. I am off Sunday, but that is reserved for cleaning the bathroom, floors, and cleaning sheets and all that junk. I have a great schedule this week, I open on Monday, I work 9-6 on Tuesday and Wednesday, off AGAIN Thursday, I think I close on Friday and open on Saturday. We don't get many full weekends off at Glencoe, which sucks, but you also rarely work more than 3 days in a row, that is cool! Love everyone, miss everyone, I say hi to everyone.

p.s., I weighed in, I have lost now a total of 30lbs, I have to go and meet to set my lifetime goal. According the the website, I should be 190, we all know I would look pretty silly at that weight, I am going to see if I can get a doctor's not to say 210 or 220 is a healthy weight for me. If so, I am halfway there! Those new jeans, are a size smaller than those I have worn since I dunno, 8th, maybe 9th grade. I admit them to be a touch snug, but I wore them well, I wore them proud.

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Barb said...

Yeah Jon!!! I'm so proud of you!!