Saturday, January 06, 2007

Brothers K Coffee House

I am broadcasting live looking over Hinman Avenue at the corner with Main Street in gorgeous South Downtown Evanston Illinois. I survived the unusually warm tempretures (about 47 degrees) to bring you this breaking news update.

The local media is reporting that newcomer Jon to the neighborhood has just bought his first cup of COFFEE- FLAVORED-COFFEE. Until recently, this Charlotte transplant did not even know the existance of such a drink. He has had caramel coffee, chocolate coffee, hazelnut coffee and something know as a Mochachino. Being a history major, Mr. Bradshaw had heard that this drink existed once but only for reasons of colonialism and to show the Brits that we "don't need no stinking tea!"

Well day three and all is well. I have made more progress with the unpacking, a more arduous task than I had first imagined. I thought that two days to unpack what took a mere three hours to pack would be a sinch. I have learned that quite often, I am wrong! I am down to a remaining three boxes fully packed and two that are open and in progress. All of my clothes have been put away as I look forward to the task of laundry day tomorrow, new towels and washcloths included. The laundry "facilities" are downstairs in the basement, which includes going out my back door, then down stairs, out of one gate, into another, sounds like a lot, but it is all of 20 vertical steps and about 20 horizontal steps, should not be too tough. You will certainly get an update on this tomorrow. I expect that walking 3 blocks for internet and 4 flights of steps for laundry, these pounds should be shedding at a quick rate.

I did not want to use this blog to discuss my love Amanda and talk about how much I miss her, but I don't want anyone to assume that the omission of such a statement means that I don't miss her... I do.

I have never been more ready to go to work in my life, since December 15th I have only worked 4 days, and my head was so gone it did not even feel like I worked during those days!

That is all I have for you fine folks now, hunkey dorey here!


Re said...

now when i watch wgn i think about you and i keep up with the weather there as i do in pittsburgh and detroit where ALL my "best" nephews are...i think we got some lison relatives in chicago too??..anyway back to work!!!

Jon said...

Cool, I don't get Eyewitness News up here, I am sure it is coming soon though. I did let everyone know that I went to the same high school as Chris Leak.