Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hello loved ones, I am broadcasting live from the Panera Bread in Wilmette, IL, this blog entry is brought to you buy my kick-ass MacBook!!! It took forever to get going this morning, mainly because it was the first night I have spent in our bed since December 12th. It felt so comfy to be back in my own bed. It also did not help that it was overcast and raining all day today. After getting out of bed, I had to find clean towels and soap so I could grab a shower. After my shower, I worked on unpacking all day today. Just moving stuff around and trying to find a place to put everything, we have so much crap it is unbelieveable.

I must admit yesterday was a scary day for me. I was changing my life forever, I can not return, no do-overs, nothing. I have all of my comforts, things I love, all my experience behind me now. I broke down and cried at one point because it was the only thing I knew to do. I must admit, I felt better, and I moved on. Tuesday was much harder than Wednesday, all I could think of was reasons that I should not be moving, on Wednesday it was easier to think of why I wanted to move. I felt good when I arrived, like I had made a good decision. This morning, the sound in my apartment was deafening, I was a little overwhelmed with the task of unpacking everything I owned and deciding where it would all go. As the day progress, I felt better again.

Here I am now, at Panera Bread, after finishing my first day of living here, I know I will be fine. I don't know how life will unfold for me, but I know I will be fine.

Thank you to everyone who has called and prayed for me the past couple of days. I love my family and friends, very very much.


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