Sunday, January 28, 2007

Apartment Photos

Hello all, I decided since the bedroom was put together, I would go ahead and post those photos so that Amanda and everyone else can see where I am living.

This is the bed swallowing up the left side of our bedroom. Note the comforter that Amanda got on sale at L.L.Bean. For references, the room is two feet wider than our old one and one foot shorter. Overall, a gain of space.

The reverse angle of the room. The door on the left goes to the hallway, the right is the one goes to the closet. Out the window you see the window to the kitchen and the backs of other buildings, a very (not) nice view.

A little splash of home, keeping my loosing Niners in mind.

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Anonymous said...


Can't wait till we all get
together. The only important thing
is that we have a great time.

That a good basketball game might
breakout is secondary.
Still liking 16 degrees as a high temp??