Saturday, November 10, 2007

To Be Titled Later

Yeah, I have no idea what to write about... I am lying in bed next to my sleeping and very beautiful wife trying to keep my promise to Allison.... be funny Jon... dammit.

Shit, here comes the play by play...

Today was super manager day at the ole max. I was involved in something in just about every department. I had to have a really tough conversation with an employee too. I like the chance to help someone get better at what they do and become better employees. This person tries my patience the most. The sad part is that he is really good at what he does, he just fails to come in on time. I want him to be successful but I also need to run the business. I just hope I got through to him, it doesn't feel that way, but I just plain hope.

I got to hang out with Jenni today, first time I have seen her since we got back to the Chi. She came over today to hang out with Amanda and instead of Amanda taking her back home to the city, she sqatted and waited for me to come home so we could go to dinner. We ate some yummy cajun food at the Dixie Kitchen and came back here. We did a crossword and watched HGTV. I liked coming home from work, sipping on some scotch, watching the tube.

Diet starts Monday! I am so excited... I am going to gain some this weekend with all the junk I plan to eat.
chickity check it out y'all!

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