Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dog Days of Diet

Man do I miss me some McDonald's. I cannot possible describe this feeling with mere words.

My biggest test of will power was all day long yesterday. I get into work at about a quarter til noon, I can smell oreo's. Before my butt hits the seat of my chair my nostrils flare and I snap my head to the left and see the bag of gorgeous cookies sitting maliciously in from of the oscilating fan. Brutal!!! They were also Reduced Fat Oreo's, that fact alone will mess with your head when you are trying to rationalize eating one. About four hours into my shift and 20 minutes before I ate dinner, the office was empty, not positive influences, no judging eyes, I grabbed a cookie, placed it directly in the middle of my tongue. Before the gigantic smile cracked from my lips, I pulled the cookie out, and filed it away into the trash can.

I felt very bad about how weak I had been, but good because in the 11th hour, I pulled it out.

*my spouse, who will remain nameless, has Swiss Cake Rolls in this house, she does have the respect to hide them though.
*my coworker, the grumpy old man, was mad because I would not go to the buffett with him and throw down.
*I cannot call her by name, but we will just say, "someone that I live with'' ate McDonald's in the car with me.


Barb said...

Proud of you, Jon!!! Hang in there!

Barb said...
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