Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food Processor?

We got a very nice food processor as a wedding gift today. I don't recall ever having one at home growing up. I had to level with Amanda that I really didn't know what a FP did.

j."So what do you do with a food processor?"

a."You know, you chop things up with it."

j."Isn't that what a knife is for?"

a."No, it finely chops, puree, that kind of thing."

j."Don't we have a blender for that?"

a. w/ exacerbated look on her face "No, you can do things like a chopped salad, or mixing, or make dough with it"

j."So what are you planning to use this for?"

a."Nothing right now, we should leave it in the box until we get a bigger kitchen."

Then the heavens above opened up and light came pouring into my brain like the High Intensity Discharge Headlights of a BMW M5 doing 100mph soon to be greated by a West Virginia buck" (was that simile drawn out way too far or what?)


*yes, B, I realize CP Morgan offers you more KITCHEN square feet for less money


Allison said...

Yep, leave it in the box until you move into the house next door. Oh. Have I said too much? :)

Anonymous said...

Jon... very few people in Mint Hill grew up with food processors. I still don't own one, although I have to cut a hella lot of onions tomorrow so I've been considering an impulse buy. But yeah, I'm not super sure how to use one either. We can learn together. Anna :)