Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Work Shoes

No, really, seriously, I have nothing better to talk about than my new work shoes. I suppose I could include a story of my fantastic shopping story.

Picture this, dateline today, roughly 5 o'clock.

Jon steps out into the clear, crisp fall evening after a long but slightly boring day at work. He stepped lively, day 4 of his diet and feeling light on his feet, he decides he should re-accessorize those feet. Jon got into his MANLY MINI and proceded to Kohl's. Debating on a few pairs of shoes, he decides in his infinite wisdom that the criteria were going to be as such:

Waterproof (rainy appraisals can wet your socks, thus ruining your day)
Not-Tennis Shoes or Hiking Shoes

Not too tough I though.... hah! Sponge Jon Square Feet sturggles a bit to find shoes when he is not being picky.

Jon headed to the Famous Footwear.... that lasted for five minutes. He headed across the street with an illegal right turn and landed at DSW. After 45 minutes, 7 pairs of shoes tried on, 3 pairs in two different sizes, and absolutely NO GREETING from any of the four well dressed but not well mannered employees. Those gypsies in the palace blew a sale by forgetting to say hello.

Across the street Jon saunterned off to REI, apparently he learned that this store is unique, it is a CoOp. Jon was very interested but the guy trying to get him to join forgot to explain to him what a CoOp is. Jon liked a pair of Keens that he tried on but at $110, they were way past his work shoe budget.

Heading back to the Mini, starving, flustered, Jon headed for home. On the way back he dicided he would try to go to the Clarks store at Old Orchard and give it one last shot. Hark! Between the McCormick and Schmicks and the California Pizza Kitchen was the holy grail of comfort shoes.. The Walking Company. This shrine to over priced ECCO's and UGG's also carries a few pairs of Keens. Jon managed to find the only pair of shoes that were not only inexpensive, but on top, ON SALE

Jon then went home and wrote the most lame blog entry EVER!


Allison said...

HAHA. Love it! Cute shoes, too.

Barb said...

Next time you'll know where to go first!

BTW: any truth to the rumor that you're going to send a link for the "official" wedding pics?