Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall into the GAP

So Amanda and I went shopping on Thursday, we went to the GAP to enjoy some of her employee discount for my Crazy Stripe sweater. There was a "coupon" list that allows you buy some seriously discounted wears. I told her "maybe I should get a seasonal job for Christmas time so I can get an employee discount."

Saturday Amanda calls me and said "Jan said you should come in tomorrow and fill out your paperwork." Um, I guess that is cool.

Today I worked a shift and enjoyed my discount. I really liked working there, just mindless folding for a while. I have already used up some purchases. I am going to work the next 4 or 5 Sundays. No those who might worry, it is not about the money. I highly doubt that anything I make there will make it out of the store. Amanda and I got to drive to work together and go to lunch together. She worked in kids while I was in adult.

This Sunday I would have had nothing to do but watch the Steelers loose and maybe find a way to cheat on my diet. I hope I meet some people I can hang out with and befriend. So we'll see, it is just 4 more days anyway.

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