Monday, November 19, 2007

The Cold, She Be A Coming!

Amanda's beware! The cold is coming, in perfect time for Thanksgiving. The weather is looking quite swell.

Tomorrow is warm, ugh, 54 and cloudy.

Wednesday is colder and rainy... somewhere in the mid 40's.

Gobble Gobble... oh yeah, 35 degrees. Weather channel says snowy & 38, accuweather says 35 and sunny.

Why is Jon blogging about weather you may ask fair reader. I am giving the fine readers of this not-so-fine blog the chance to predict the future. Please vote for what the weather will be on Thanksgiving.

a. 37 + sunny
b. 36 or less + sunny
c. 37 + snowy
d. 36 or less + snowy

winner gets a bowl full of pride.


Barb said...

d. Final answer

yeah! for the -5 (lbs, not degrees)

Anonymous said...

I have to go with B. Always guess B when in doubt.