Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Movie of Jon's Life

I gave this idea to Allison to post, I am going to try it myself.  I think it would be fun to cast a movie of my life, who plays who etc.  Please do not be offended if you do not like the person picked to play you.  There may not be a correlation in their look but maybe I just thought they could capture you essence.  If you are not included, it isn't that I have written you out of my life, it is just that I could not think of anyone to play you.  I would LOVE to hear your suggestions on me, you, or anyone else... please give feedback and make this fun.

Jon: Jonah Hill
seriously, if I grew out my hair... seriously!
 Amanda: Anne Hathaway
girl next door hot, please meet girl next door hot, it's the smile

Mom: Kathy Bates
the look is kinda close, but the attitude is there.

Dad: William H. Macy
dye the 'stache and color the hair.. I can almost see it

When I continue, I will case Andy, Allison, David, and ReRe.... bet you cannot wait til the next post. :-)


Anonymous said...

Jon,I don't mind being Kathy Bates,but how come your Dad got to keep Winnie so long!!!!? ugh!!!

Anonymous said...


ReRe: Shirley McClaine, JJJJeff, Cliffy (from Cheers).