Friday, November 07, 2008

insert cricket noises here...

An ere calm has beset me, a first in a while. I am not longer pensive about the campaign, I am no longer fretting about closing costs, down payments, and appliance shopping. We seem to have all of that squared away. I am not concerned about moving day, I think we have the trucks and the help required for such a job. I am only slightly worried about not being worried... the scariest thing in the world is not knowing what you are scared of*. Where will that big shoe drop?

*please note that for the last 8 years, the Rovean Republican Religious Right (my english teachers would be so proud of that alliteration) has told Americans what to fear, so there was little wonder about what to be scared of... mostly it was Muslims, homosexuals, non-religious types, and minorities. I woke up this morning scared of none of those things, so I guess I should worry about what flat screen to pick out on Monday!!!

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Jenni said...

Wooooo! Flat screen!