Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I have no idea what to type here. I know there have been a thousand posts per minute about the results of this campaign, I do not need to add my commentary to the world wide web. I will merely sum it up for me with some bullet points below.

  • Winning is just the beginning. It is a luxury to have the other party in power, it gives you justification to piss and moan. When it is your guy, he as your surrogate, you are responsible and accountable for the promises made.
  • I am so proud of North Carolina, who could have guessed that this ruby red stalwart would have been this close. Even if they eventually call if for McCain, I am impressed that the Tarheel State is last to be called and was this competitive.
  • I really respect John McCain's concession speech, if he had run his campaign with that kind of poise and grace, he may never have had to deliver that speech.
  • I pledge to remove the Obama/Biden after the first 100 days in office. Nothing on the road would piss me off more than a Ford Explorer with a W 04 sticker on the back. I would yell "quit gloating, he is horrible." I don't want to be that guy.
  • I hope that Barack Obama's election ends the race victimization feeling within the African American community. I pray that children are inspired and encouraged by what they see. I hope that he acts as a role model to all children. With Clinton's womanizing, W's drinking, drugs, and unprovoked attacks of sovereign nations, kids have not really been able to look to the President as a role model.
  • I am glad I got to see the President speak the night before he was elected into office.

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