Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now I look forward to this... [#4]

Having a backyard.  The housing market, though soft, in Chicago is still too high for Amanda and I to purchase a house with a yard in the city.  I know I could go to the burbs... but why?  Why live 40 miles from a city when I could live 10 miles with a yard in Charlotte.  We want a yard so we can have a dog... maybe an English Bulldog, maybe a Lab, maybe a Golden Retriever.  



Dhara said...

Maybe a Maltese? :)

Barb said...

Oh good!!! You could babysit Cousy when we're not home!!!

In reference to that previous post, I think that Toastmasters would be right down your alley!

Anonymous said...

JB & A

We keep waiting for next installment in the
adventures of life in the fast lane.

I hope you know that you've been missed
down here in the slow lane.

Rege & Barb